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Where To Elope

Recently we wrote about the reasons to elope vs a traditional wedding. Today, we’ll want to talk about where to elope.

The place you elope can be a conveniently close resort or an exotic location you’ve always wanted to see.  In fact, you can elope and have your honeymoon in the same place. 

There are several search engines that supply elopement locations.  Try or a simple search on Google.

Popular Elopement Location #1

Las Vegas has to be the most famous location for eloping couples.  They have fabulous hotels, and overabundance of chapels, and it’s a great vacation spot to boot.  Maybe you and your soon-to-be spouse can win a little cash while you’re out there, too.

Popular Elopement Location #2

A courthouse in your city is probably the cheapest place to elope.  There aren’t any travel costs and it’s usually easy to schedule.  Plus, if you have family in the area and you want to let them come to witness it, you can, which prevents everyone from feeling left out.

Popular Elopement Location #3

Try eloping on a cruise ship.  Some offer weddings, or you could plan to have your wedding in one of the ports you stop in.

Popular Elopement Location #4

Resorts are always a great place to elope to.  You can find them in many warm, exotic locations like the Caribbean.  You’ll have a beautiful and intimate wedding at any of these locations.

Popular Elopement Location #5

Niagara Falls is another famous spot to elope to.  It borders the U.S. and Canada, and has a lovely location, so you’ll have a beautiful wedding and can travel out of the country at the same time.

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